Preime Derma Facial

Preime DermaFacial is an intuitive smart device that uses five advanced technologies to provide limitless curated facial solutions to combat aging, diminish lines and wrinkles, and correct uneven skin tone due to sun damage and blemishes, leaving skin radiant and glowing.


What's the Science Behind Preime DermaFacial?

Preime DermaFacial is a blend of dermatological research and cutting-edge technology. Each of the five technologies has its own scientific basis:

AquaB Spiral Vacuum:

This technology uses the principles of fluid dynamics and suction to deeply cleanse the skin. The vacuum-like suction removes impurities and dead skin cells, while the infusion of active ingredients nourishes the skin at a cellular level.

VIBROX Microdermabrasion:

This is based on the science of mechanical exfoliation and photobiomodulation. The vibration frequency helps remove dead skin cells, while the Red LED light stimulates cellular activity and collagen production.

MicroT BiPolar Microcurrent:

This technology uses low-level electrical currents to mimic the body’s natural electrical currents, toning facial muscles and boosting collagen and elastin production.

Collagen+ Dual Bipolar Radio Frequency:

This technology uses radiofrequency waves to create thermal damage in the deeper layers of the skin. This controlled damage stimulates the body’s natural healing process, leading to increased collagen production.

UltraB Ultrasound:

Ultrasound waves help in the transdermal delivery of nutrients. This is based on the science of acoustics and permeability, allowing vital nutrients to penetrate the skin more effectively.

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Unlike its competitors that use a single technology to cleanse, exfoliate, and rejuvenate, the Préime DermaFacial uses five different technologies that surpass the capabilities of other facial systems. These added benefits create a firmer, tighter, fresher, and younger-looking appearance.

Preime DermaFacial is an advanced facial treatment device using five different technologies to address various skin concerns. Depending on your skin’s specific needs, an aesthetician will curate a treatment plan that can include AquaB Spiral Vacuum for deep cleansing, VIBROX Microdermabrasion for skin tone improvement, MicroT BiPolar Microcurrent for muscle toning, Collagen+ Dual Bipolar Radio Frequency for collagen building, and UltraB Ultrasound for nutrient absorption. These technologies work synergistically to provide immediate and lasting results, leaving your skin radiant, firm, and rejuvenated.

You will notice results immediately after treatment, with the continued effects improving over a few days. With any facial procedure, continued treatments are required to achieve lasting results. Skin will look healthy, radiant, firm, toned, and tight.

Yes! Preime DermaFacial is a very effective treatment with zero downtime. There may be some minor redness to the skin post-facial, but this is normal and will go down in a few hours.


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