Mini Tummy Tuck

A Mini Tummy Tuck, also known as a partial abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure for the removal of excess skin on the lower abdomen.  Both women and men can benefit from improved skin laxity by achieving a flatter tummy and smooth curves.



The mini tummy tuck is a less invasive procedure than a full tummy tuck. The ideal candidate is a patient whose condition does not require a full abdominoplasty but is more advanced than what liposuction can treat.  Generally, those who have excess skin and some fat in the lower abdominal area will experience great results from a mini tummy tuck. Improve excess fat and loose skin of the lower abdomen.
During your initial consultation with your Arike specialist, you will be able to discuss your concerns, goals, possible risks, and benefits of the procedure.  At this time, we will be able to determine your candidacy and provide you with the following steps toward your journey at Arike.
You may ask yourself, what is the difference between these two procedures?
A tummy tuck procedure removes sagging skin from the abdominal area and tightens the underlying muscles for a smooth, contoured look.  Due to the amount of sagging skin and stretching involved, umbilical repositioning is required.  Depending on the severity, those with diastasis post-pregnancy will experience the best results with this procedure. 
A mini tummy tuck targets stubborn fat and excess skin below the belly button, which is a problematic area for many women as they age.  It is less invasive, which allows for a quicker recovery time.  Many patients will achieve full tummy tuck like results, experiencing a smooth and flat appearance.
But the biggest difference between the two is cost.  A mini tummy tuck is less expensive, making it an affordable option for those who may have considered surgery but were too concerned about the price.  Our goal is to help our patients achieve the look they desire by introducing alternative options with amazing results.
With any skin removal procedure, there are multiple steps that go into creating the perfect outcome.  To achieve these results, liposuction will be performed to remove any excess fat from the area.  Many patients may add other areas for fat removal to create a more contoured look. This procedure is performed in our state-of-the-art ambulatory treatment room, which typically takes 90 minutes or so to complete. Surgical times vary depending on patient size, BMI, location, and amount of treatment area scheduled if liposuction is included.
Your surgeon and medical team will ensure you are comfortably sedated and monitor your health throughout the procedure.  Small incisions, about a half an inch to an inch long, will be created as access points to insert the cannula for precise fat removal.  Once your surgeon has reached the limit of suctioning fat, another larger incision will be made along the bikini line. At that time, the doctor will trim away the excess tissue and slightly stretch the skin downward without the need for umbilical repositioning, and close the incisions with surgical staples and sutures.  The incisions will be dressed to absorb leaking fluids from the sites. A compression garment will be provided to aid in skin retraction, body contouring, and reducing swelling and bruising while enhancing surgical outcomes.

For patients considering a mini tummy tuck, they should have a mild or moderate amount of excess skin on the lower abdomen or below the belly button. Those who notice age-related sagging are great candidates.  It is important to understand that this procedure does not eliminate all stretch marks.  Additionally, a mini tummy tuck does not address anything above the belly button, but liposuction may be an option to treat upper abdominal fat removal.  What will be accomplished is added definition to your midsection and a boost in your confidence.

Healing time varies by individual, treatment areas, and size.  Depending on your daily routine and how strenuous your job is, most candidates can return to their normal activities, within reason, as soon as one week, although healing can persist for 3-6 months or longer.  Bruising is expected and will fade in a matter of days or a few weeks.  Swelling may take longer, persisting from several weeks to several months.  Compression garments are encouraged to be used daily anywhere between 6 weeks to 3 months to reduce these side effects.  The recovery process is a journey; patience is highly recommended as your body will have fluctuations in healing. Remember to follow home care instructions and keep up with any post-operative appointments to ensure results.

Yes! The risks of a mini tummy tuck are generally low, possible side effects such as bruising, swelling, infection and pain can be reduced with proper adherence to post-operative care.  Ambulating regularly after your procedure will decrease the chances of blood clotting and increase the recovery process.  Any rigorous motions or heavy lifting can cause a reopening of your incision, so light activities are encouraged until you are medically cleared, and the incision has healed.  Your medical team at Arike will provide detailed instructions for at-home care and pain management.  


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