Fat Transfer

Fat transfer, also known as fat grafting, is a procedure that strategically harvests fat from specific areas of your body. The final separated product is relocated into predetermined treatment areas to enhance and improve any irregularities, divots, depressions, and loss of volume from your face, breasts, hands, buttocks, and genitals. 



Fat transfer is a surgical procedure that utilizes liposuction to remove excess fat from areas like the waist, abdomen, back, or legs. Once the necessary fat is extracted and separated with a fat transfer technique, your own natural living cells are then reinjected in the desired areas like the face, breasts, hands, buttocks, and genitals to sculpt and contour.
During your initial consultation with your Arike specialist, you will be able to discuss your concerns, goals, possible risks, and benefits of the procedure.  At this time, we will be able to determine your candidacy and provide you with the next steps toward your journey at Arike.
Not too different from a regular liposuction procedure, extra fat will be removed from specific body parts, and once extracted, the fat is harvested and re-injected into the agreed-upon treatment area.  This procedure is performed in our state-of-the-art ambulatory treatment room, which typically takes 3 hours or less to complete. Surgical times vary depending on patient size, BMI, location, and amount of treatment areas scheduled.  
Your surgeon and medical team will ensure you are comfortably sedated and monitor your health throughout the procedure.  Small incisions, about half an inch to an inch long, will be created as access points to insert the cannula for precise fat removal. Once your surgeon has reached the limit of necessary fat, specialty canisters and instruments are used to separate and purify the harvested fat for transfer. Your surgeon will use advanced injection methods to reintroduce these healthy cells back into the body. Depending on the treatment area, small incisions may be created to strategically place fat for optimal symmetry. Once completed, the incisions will be dressed to absorb leaking fluids from the entry sites. These small incisions will heal and seal on their own.  A compression garment will be provided to aid in skin retraction, body contouring, and reducing swelling and bruising while enhancing surgical outcomes.

Your surgical outcome from a fat transfer can be long-lasting. Reabsorption of tissue is possible as some fat may struggle to create a new blood supply.  You can expect fuller, softer, and refreshed, natural-looking results.

Healing time varies by individual, treatment area, and size.  Depending on your daily routine and how strenuous your job is, most candidates can return to their normal activities, within reason, as soon as three days to 1 week, although healing can persist for 3-6 months or longer.  Since this is a 2 in 1 procedure, recovery can vary from areas that were liposuction vs. areas where fat was grafted. Bruising is expected and will fade in several days.  Swelling may take longer, persisting from several weeks to even several months.  Compression garments are encouraged to be used daily anywhere between 6 weeks to 3 months, to reduce these side effects.  The recovery process is a journey; patience is highly recommended, as your body will have fluctuations in healing. Remember to follow home care instructions and keep up with any post-operative appointments to ensure results.

Liposuction and fat transfer are safe with relatively few side effects when performed in the proper setting.  Although the risks are generally low, possible side effects such as bruising, swelling, infection and pain can be reduced with proper adherence to post-operative care.  Since we are reintroducing your own fat cells back into the body, allergic reactions from the transfer are extremely rare.  Ambulating regularly after your procedure will decrease the chances of blood clotting, and speed up the recovery process by increasing blood flow.  Your medical team at Arike will provide detailed instructions for at-home care and pain management.  


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